Volume 1 – Issue 3

Our new issue is complete!  Please enjoy the newest content from Volume 1 – Issue 3.

With our third and final issue of our first volume, we are very excited to publish two new articles.  First, we present Law Faculty Blogs and Disruptive Innovation, written by Professor J. Robert Brown, Jr.  Second, we are publishing Top Supreme Court Advocates of the Twenty-First Century, by Kedar S. Bhatia.  Both of these articles are concise and present a significant amount of data in an easy to digest format.  In Law Faculty Blogs, Professor Brown reviews the impact of legal blogs on legal scholarship, legal scholars, and the legal education market.  He has run the numbers and presents a forceful argument that blogs have been a disruptive innovation (and we mean that in a good way!) that are not going anywhere.  In Top Supreme Court Advocates, Mr. Bhatia seeks to “chronicle the current membership of the elite Supreme Court Bar and analyze its demographic makeup.”  During this process he provides a strong case for the importance of this data and the potential for the evolution of the Supreme Court bar in the future.